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«Primorsky Trust of Engineering Construction Survey»
Abbreviation ZAO «PrimorTISIZ»
Legal address 31 Fadeeva street, Vladivostok, 690034, Russia
Postal address 31 Fadeeva street, Vladivostok, 690034, Russia
Director general Yurtikov Arkadiy Valerievich
Chief accountant Isachenko Anna Stanislavovha
Phones Secretary: (423) 263-01-27
Production and technical department: (423) 263-02-83
Complex prospecting expedition: (423) 263-02-13
Accounts department: (423) 263-00-47
Base: (423) 246-58-60
Bank details Dalnevostochny bank PAO Sberbank Khabarovsk
Bank identification code: 040813608
Settlement account: 40702810750260101172
Correspondent account: 30101810600000000608
Identification number of the tax bearer 2536017433
Code of the reason of posing on the account 253601001
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