Quality management system, international standard ISO 9001:2008

Certificate of conformity №14.0168.026 from 26.02.2014. Certificate IQNet №RU-14.0168.026 from 26.02.2014. Certificates issued by the Certification Association «Russian Register» (St. Petersburg).

Laboratory of physical-mechanical tests of soil, underground and surface water

The laboratory carries out its activity according to the Certificate №01 about evaluation of measure’s condition in the laboratory from 19.01.2018. Certificate issued by the Primorsky Centre of Standardization, Metrology and Testing.

Participation in self-regulated organizations carrying out engineering surveys

Certificate №0791.04-2009-2536017433-I-003 on the admission to kinds of works which influence safety of objects of capital construction, including highly dangerous and technically complex objects of capital construction, objects of atomic energy. The basis of issue: decision of the Board of NP «Centrizyskaniya», Protocol №105 from 17.07.2013. Registration number of NP «Centrizyskaniya»: SRO-I-003-14092009 (Moscow).
Certificate №344 of acceptance of the organization «PrimorTISIZ» member of NP «Cadastral engineers». Protocol №21 from 01.03.2008.