Types of activities

Geodesic engineering survey

Creation of compilation of geodetic control network, creation of design survey plans, tracing of line constructions. The company additionally carries out land use works such as: stakeout of property lines, formulation of boundary plan and conduct of cadastral survey.
Current tasks: creation and maintenance of geographic informative systems for special purpose, topographic mapping for general purpose, topographic mapping of over ground and underground constructions (underground utility system), boundary settlement and conduct of cadastral survey.

Geological engineering survey

Penetration of mine workings: holes, bore pits. Field studies of earths: trial by vertical dead loads in holes and bore pits (stamp of 300-5000 sq. cm), static and dynamic sounding, trial of full scale piles. Laboratory investigations of physical-mechanical properties dispersible and rocky grounds, chemical composition underground and day waters, aggressiveness of underground waters, definition of corrosive activity of earths to Fe, Al, Pb, to concrete. Surveys of soil building materials. Hydro-geological survey: surveys of water-supply sources on the basis of underground waters, skilled-filtration operations (bailings from holes, bore pits; bottom loadings, injections in holes; bottom loadings in bore pits). Permanent overseeing by water planes. Monitoring of dangerous geologic and engineering-geological processes.
Current tasks: creation of digital and graphical model of ground’s geological setting or exploration’s swath, extraction of engineering-geological elements, determination of geological and hydro-geological circumstances of designed project’s ground, forecast for changing geological and hydro-geological factors.

Geophysical engineering survey

Electrical prospecting conducting (vertical electric sounding, electric profiling, a self-potential method, a charge method), seismic surveys (a refraction method, a correlation method of the refracted surges), seismotomographies, magnetic explorations, seismicity specification.
Current tasks: determination of geological structure of rock mass, determination of litho logic boundary, places of high frac, tectonic disturbances, sink holes, level of underground water, direction and movement rate of underground water; determination of underground utility system, exploration of seismic danger, soil’s corrosiveness, wandering current.

Hydro-meteorological engineering survey

Route and channel surveys, surveying work, hydrological measurements, taking of water sample and bed deposits, exploration of hydraulic control of steam flows and reservoirs, water-erosion process; exploration of the freezing of shaft, ice conditions, dangerous hydro-meteorological processes.
Current tasks: determination of silt regime, channel deformations, marginal erosions, hydro-chemical regimes, frost penetration. Determination of computed hydro-meteorological characteristics of designed objects, option and mutual approval crossing sites through water objects.

Ecological engineering survey

Route observation, excavation; conduction of geo-ecologic soil, ground, underground and surface water testing; conduction of gas geochemical survey of the atmosphere and soil gases; estimation of industrial factors’ influence, conduction of sanitary epidemiological and biomedical survey, estimation of physical effect, estimation of radiological situation.
Current tasks: determination of nature and industrial circumstances of designed object, forecast of ecological aftermath of building and using an object, development of materials on an environmental impact assessment and environmental protections.

Conduction of geotechnical control

Quality control of subsoil and soil deposited in earth construction; control of development, application and congestion of soil and elimination of it’s collapsible properties; survey of additional or specification of earlier determined stock-piles, pulling and open-casts; selection of soil’s samples and probes; conduction of laboratory explorations and soil’s analyses (ground water); accounting.

Geological engineering survey during building and using constructions

Leading of geological documentation of building excavation and construction bases, geotechnical control for conducting trench works, conduction of authorial supervision, foundation’s disclosure, determination of foundation’s structures, examination of content and physical-mechanical properties of buildings and constructions foundation’s soils.
Current tasks: estimation of condition and forecast of changing soil’s properties, building and construction foundations.

Land surveying works

Stakeout parcel boundaries, preparation of surveying plans, registration inventory.

Laboratory investigations of soils and waters

Physical-mechanical investigations of the soil samples, analysis of chemical composition of samples of surface and groundwater, water extracts from clay soils samples.